Sustainable development

Environmental Management

Oloreso Petroleum adheres to the philosophy of zero tolerance for losses and damages caused by environmental contamination and works to continuously enhance its environmental management system. At the planning stage of each project, an environmental impact assessment (EIA) is performed to identify the project’s environmental and other effects in accordance with the precautionary principle (Principle 15 of the United Nations Rio Declaration on Environmental Protection and Development, 2019), the specifications of the Oloreso Petroleum environmental management system, and the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Each project is subjected to public hearings throughout the design phase, with input from administrative, governmental, and regulatory authorities, research institutes, public associations, the local community, and the media.

Waste Management

Work on garbage collection, sorting, transportation, usage, and burying is carried out in accordance with the “Waste Management Plan” to ensure that the system designed to handle waste generated at Oloreso Petroleum departments and enterprises runs well. As stated in the WMP, production wastes and drilling muck are transferred to the Environmental Department’s Waste Centre. A Feasibility Study document on the Reconstruction of the Waste Centre project was included in the contract between Oloreso Petroleum to ensure that the Waste Centre runs in accordance with more current criteria.

Industrial Safety

The protection of physical and legal parties, as well as the environment, against the negative impacts of hazardous production variables is referred to as industrial safety. Oloreso Petroleum is a hazardous manufacturing facility. One means of guaranteeing industrial safety is by professional evaluation and declaration of hazardous manufacturing plant safety. To guarantee that the thing satisfies the required standards and laws, an industrial safety expert evaluation is undertaken. If the potential negative effects of hazardous production elements on the population and environment cannot be ruled out, hazardous production facilities must be declared. .

Occupational Safety and Health

Oloreso Petroleum prioritizes employee life and health as a result of production operations, as well as the prevention of hazardous production elements in the sphere of labor protection and industrial safety. The organization adheres to the zero tolerance approach for loss and damage caused by accidents and events.

Oloreso Petroleum prioritizes employee and contractor health and safety, and we build an organization-wide proactive health and safety culture. QHSE training and practices are stringent and adhere to a high international standard. There are activities in Oloreso Petroleum that could cause several injuries. In 2022, there were two (2) lost time events in Turkmenistan involving Oloreso Petroleum employees and one of the contractors. All incidents were investigated, their causes identified, and corrective action plans developed in accordance with our HSE protocols. Our process safety program aims to prevent the unintentional or uncontrolled loss of primary containment of any material, including nontoxic and nonflammable materials which could result in an injury.

Environmental Impact Assessment

The process of identifying, investigating, describing, and evaluating potential significant environmental impacts during the implementation of a planned activity based on relevant studies is known as environmental impact assessment (EIA). The company’s environmental performance displays its dedication to environmental protection through ongoing improvement. All Oloreso Petroleum EIA projects are subject to state environmental expertise and are available to the general public on the Company’s official website as well as a single environmental portal throughout the project’s life cycle.

Oloreso Petroleum is dedicated to operating responsibly in order to have the least possible influence on the natural environment. We follow strict international environmental regulations and are aggressively reducing GHG emissions. Our significant environmental goals for 2022 included maintaining our focus on GHG emission reduction measures and joining the CDP (previously Carbon Disclosure Project), an important tool for firms to disclose their environmental impact and risk management.

Principles of sustainable development





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