Oloreso Petroleum conducts exploration activity in order to expand the resource base. Exploration activities have continuously produced positive results, owing to upgraded exploration techniques and the selection of the most promising locations based on study findings. To improve the success of exploration drilling, improved technologies for processing and interpreting seismic data were gradually implemented. Innovative approaches, in particular, to account for inhomogeneities non the upper section of the column, are employed to minimize forecast error for structures. At the design stage, finite-difference modeling of the wave field is used to determine the best seismic survey parameters.

Strengthening and expanding the Company’s resource base is one of its strategic aims. The strong resource base ensures that production activities continue to run smoothly and that hydrocarbon output targets are met. The Company engages in substantial exploratory activities and continues to diversify its license portfolio, exhibiting constant replenishment of oil and gas reserves. Kazakhstan is where the Company’s fields and licensing blocks are located. When it comes to exploration, the Company prioritizes the use of innovative technologies and equipment, as well as operational assistance via R&D and design institutions, all of which contribute to efficiency.

Oloreso Petroleum is an oil field management business based in Kazakhstan. The Company is committed to sustaining production levels in the upstream sector that allow it to strike a balance between economic efficiency and mineral resource rationalization. Oloreso Petroleum continues to operate older fields while actively developing difficult-to-recover reserves. Simultaneously, the Corporation is aggressively developing attractive areas and constructing new oil production hubs. In recent years, the company has kept its oil output stable by focusing on enhancing the oil recovery factor, which is one of the highest in the country.

Oloreso Petroleum improves organizations’ key decision-making abilities and returns by applying cutting-edge data acquisition, analysis, and optimization technology. Our services are designed to assist E&P firms in making better decisions, reducing risk, and increasing portfolio value. Because of flexible techniques and proprietary toolkits, Imaging Services may tailor data visualization solutions to specific geological conditions and operational goals. Multi-client 2D and 3D libraries covering nearly all major offshore petroleum provinces identify fresh exploration possibilities and assist investors in making more informed selections. Industry-exclusive Operations Optimization software, equipment, and engineering services reduce operational risk and improve asset performance in challenging offshore circumstances.

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