Company Development

Company Development

Throughout its history, Oloreso Petroleum has been one of the region’s fastest growing companies. At the moment, the Company’s primary goal is to complete the project for the modernization of the hydrocarbon processing complex, which will boost processing capacity to 830 thousand tons per year. This project is currently in the development stage of project documentation, with subsequent permits and commissioning scheduled for 2024, as well as work on the selection of equipment for processing, storage, and shipment of refined products is being carried out in accordance with the aforementioned project.

The Company manufactures the following petroleum products using the modular complex’s previously indicated processes:
  • naphtha
  • fuel oil
  • diesel fuel
  • heating oil
The project will be implemented as follows:
  • Development of design and estimate documentation – 4 months;
  • Passing state expertise of the project – 2 months ;
  • Performance of construction and installation works – 12 months;
  • Commissioning and reaching the design capacity – 6 months

With the completion of the third phase of the project “Raw Hydrocarbon Processing Complex” and the construction of the facility “Modernization of the Raw Hydrocarbon Processing Complex,” the number of employees will increase from 216 to 500, with personnel drawn from the local population, including Zhanaozen. The company has started a training and retraining program. Work is being done to strengthen the qualifications of staff at all levels. Negotiations are underway to exchange experience with significant corporations. The Company allocates funding for these purposes on an annual basis.

The Company’s development does not end with internal project implementation; for example, in May 2019, a Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation was signed between the akimat of Mangystau region and the Company, which provided assistance in obtaining a 7-hectare land plot for the “Construction and operation of a technological complex for hydrotreating and hydro deparaffinization of the diesel fraction and catalytic reforming” in order to obtain high-quality light.

Participation in social projects and charity events in Almaty.

Every year, Oloreso Petroleum takes part in Almaty’s socially relevant projects. The Company has helped persons in need with both material and financial support since its inception. Our volunteers are eager to lend a helping hand by giving time, money, and resources in order to assist others and improve their lives by doing good. As part of the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence, efforts to place illuminated license plates on residential structures in Almaty have commenced in 2021, with the Company’s support. The first lamp was installed successfully in the 30th microdistrict of the 30th dwelling. Also visible is the work done on residential buildings on the coastline in the 15th microdistrict from 37 dwellings to the 4th microdistrict.

In early 2020, our company agreed to help the Church of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Mother of God with the rebuilding of the main Temple and the Altar. We completed a set of tasks on our own to repair the Temple’s interior and ready it for art painting. Given the facility’s societal significance, all conventions and standards were considered and followed. The complex of works included obtaining an expert opinion on the building’s supporting structures, so we dismantled the floor covering, replaced it with high quality porcelain stoneware, cleaned the walls from old layers of plaster, carried out a complete installation of the Temple’s new electrical networks, and installation of the Temple’s new electrical networks.

The hood was used on the Temple grounds as well as at the Altar. The plastered and finished walls were ready for artistic painting. In the construction process, only high-quality materials were used. Furthermore, the company intends to continue working on the Cathedral of the Most Holy Mother of God’s facade. The Oloreso Petroleum firm is confident that the work done to repair the Orthodox Church in our city will give the edifice a fresh look that will please the entire Orthodox community. In addition, with the help of Oloreso Petroleum, a pipeline was built in Almaty in July of this year for drip watering of green spots along the road. The pipeline was four miles long.

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